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Watch out for blue-green algae blooms on Lake Hiawatha and Lake Harriet, MPRB Says

Blue-Green Algae Blooms Back At Lake Hiawatha, Lake Harriet
Blue-Green Algae Blooms Back At Lake Hiawatha, Lake Harriet 01:56

MINNEAPOLIS - A potentially harmful algae is growing in the water in Minneapolis lakes. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board issued an advisory about blue-green algae blooms for Lake Hiawatha and Lake Harriet this week.

It can be harmful to kids and pets, and has been lethal in dogs.

Lake Hiawatha is a popular place to walk and enjoy the outdoors in the city. But many who frequent the Minneapolis lake steer clear of the water.

"We teach him to stay very far away from this water," Nicole said.

Nicole lives in the area, and warns others about blue-green algae blooms.

"The people that do come here, I get scared for their dogs, for their kids, for anyone that goes in the water really because the blue green algae makes you sick, and can be lethal for pets," Nicole said.

"If you hadn't let me know about the advisory, I hadn't seen anything posted," Andrew Fitzgibbons said.

WCCO found a small sign at the beach warning blue-green algae bloom may be present. It can look like spilled paint or pea soup.

"The green algae it's a real visual and when it was bad last year you can really see it," Fitzgibbons said.

The MPRB tells WCCO-TV blue green algae blooms can form any time of the year. It happens more frequently at Lake Hiawatha when the water levels are low.

"I know it's going to keep on happening, continuous on this lake," Terry Nelson said.

The board started monitoring and recording blooms at Lake Hiawatha in 2020. They reported blooms all three years. Nelson says she takes precautions for her 14-year-old dog Charlie.

"Well she just won't go in the water and neither will I," Nelson said.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says when in doubt, stay out. You can't tell by looking at a bloom if it's harmful or not. MPCA has tips on what to do if you are exposed.

You can check here for advisories in Minneapolis.

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