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Warren Buffett Offering Options For MN's Famous Dairy Queen Manager

HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) -- A Hopkins teenager who generously -- and without anyone watching -- went out of his way to help a stranger, is now reaping the rewards of that kindness.

Joey Prusak saw a woman steal $20 from a blind customer at the Dairy Queen where he works. So he gave the guy his own cash.

John Gainor, CEO of Dairy Queen, is just one of many people singing Pursak's praises, "I think what Joey's actions did was put smiles on the faces of a lot of people, not only our customers but as we're hearing, people around the world," he said over the phone from Canada.

Back at the Hopkins Main Street DQ, aside from a tray of Dilly Bars, Prusak didn't get much done today.

"I've had 40 phone calls just this morning," he said.

One of them stands out.

"Warren Buffet called me this morning and we talked for about 10 minutes," Prusak said.

One of the world's richest people was calling over a $20 bill.

"I go, 'What I would like to know is why you're calling here?' He goes 'I just wanted to call and thank you for all that you did. It means a lot to me,'" Prusak said.

Buffet's company owns Dairy Queen, and Buffett said he's planning future talks with Prusak.

"He told me he was going to have me flown out in May," Prusak said.

While WCCO was on-site today, a woman ran up to Prusak with an envelope of money saying it was for his college fund.

Then an anonymous man from Crystal dropped in.

"I thought it was pretty amazing, so I drove down here after I read it," he said. "I decided I'd patronize their business and thought he deserved five times what he paid out."

Prusak said he's trying to handle it all "as best I can."

"I know it's Warren Buffet but we were just chit-chatting," he said. "It was just a little talk we had."

Prusak was on Glenn Beck's radio show, and Beck offered to buy a franchise that Prusak would run. Prusak's not sure how serious he was, but he's got a lot of options to weigh.

He also got a call from the Minnesota Wild, too. He'll have a suite for 20 of his closest friends Saturday night.

Prusak doesn't know the name of the man he helped. If you know him, let us know.

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