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Police Still Looking For Person Of Interest In Granite Falls Homicide

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It's been two days since a woman in the small western town of Granite Falls was shot to death, and police still haven't found a man they believe to be armed and dangerous.

Kara Monson, 26, was found dead in her home early Monday morning on Prentice Street in Granite Falls.

Her 28-year-old boyfriend Christopher Allen Panitzke, of Redwood Falls, was critically injured and airlifted to the hospital.

On Wednesday, police found the car that belongs to the man they believe to be the person of interest: Andrew Dikken, of Sacred Heart, Minn.

Authorities found Dikken's truck in a remote area between the towns of Belview and Sacred Heart.

Monson's cousins said Dikken and Monson dated for years, in fact, they said Dikken was a close family friend. They never expected to hear his name in connection with the murder of their family member.

Less than 48 hours after her murder, the Monson family is doing what they can to preserve 26-year-old Kara Monson's memory.

Dikken has no criminal history, and at this point, is not being called a suspect.

"Because we don't know 100 percent, we just don't," Chief Russ Blue said.

After finding Dikken's truck, police said they have searched an extensive area.

"He was an avid fisherman, and he liked the Minnesota River Valle, and there's a lot of hiding places," Blue said.

Authorities said they have more to search and ask Granite Falls residents to be cautious.

"Things like that don't happen in this town, so yeah, people are on edge," Blue said.

Brother Eric Monson mirrored that sentiment.

"There's a lot of frightened people here -- not only our family, but everyone," Eric said.

Monson had a 4-year-old daughter who wasn't at home at the time of the murder. She was staying with her father.

Her family said Kara was ready to open up a wellness spa with her cousins.


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