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TJ Oshie Brings Stanley Cup To Warroad, St. Thomas Ice Arena

MENDOTA HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) -- Each stop on the Stanley Cup celebration tour brings a new audience and new sense of adulation.

On Tuesday, Washington Capitals forward TJ Oshie got his turn. He grew up in Warroad and lives in the suburbs, so he stopped at both locations. WCCO's Mike Max caught up to the hockey hero.

They showed up at St Thomas Academy's ice arena, where TJ Oshiie trains in the summer, to get a glimpse of him and the Stanley Cup.

He started the day in his hometown Warroad, where it means much.

"It means a lot. They have their fair share of gold medals up there and state championships. Never a Stanley Cup so it's special to bring the first one there," Oshie said.

Posing for pictures with police officers, and many more. The magnitude of what his team had accomplished, with an exclamation point.

"I couldn't have imagined this. Having people show up, the people of Warroad that came out, the people that are here today at St. Thomas," Oshie said.

With a spotlight and a hockey atmosphere that felt like mid-January, they recognized their summer-adopted star.

"The Stanley Cup doesn't surprise me at all. The love of hockey, if you play hockey, you know about Lord Stanley and you're here to see it. It's that simple," St. Thomas Academy hockey dad David Wolf said.

What he did was lead his team to the hockey promise land. A veteran who has been paid handsomely now had the final piece to the resume.

And to share that with the kids, with stars in their eyes, was a crescendo.

"So that was kind of my main goal with the first half of the day here was to get it in front of as many kids. So we took it to every youth hockey player in Warroad. We got all the kids here, this is where I train," Oshie said.

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