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Controversy Surrounds New St. Paul Garbage System

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- Some St. Paul residents are talking trash about a new system to haul garbage in the capital city.

Starting Oct. 1, people can no longer choose their own trash hauler.

The city has put together a consortium of 15 collectors which are assigned to neighborhoods. Residents choose a garbage cart size that will cost between $20 and $34 a month.

There is no way to share services with neighbors or opt out of the system.

Some residents say their bills will go up substantially.

"I'm not against organized trash collection, I'm against the fact it's so black and white and every unit needs to have a trash container," said Kate Hebel, a St. Paul resident. "I would think the city should be all about recycling instead of trash."

There's a petition effort underway to get the issue of garbage collection on the November ballot.

St. Paul officials say the change to citywide collection will be more efficient by cutting down on alley traffic.

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