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Soap Factory Haunted Basement Still The Most Thrilling

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- This is a warning -- Halloween is almost here, and it's time to get terrified. One of the creepiest haunted houses is open. It's so scary you have to sign a waiver before going through.

The Soap Factory Art Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis is once again turning its basement into one of the creepiest haunted houses around.

Soap Factory is a gallery for artists that focuses on experimental and emerging art, which is why the haunted basement is a great fit. This haunting is considered art, an interactive performance experience born out of pure fear.

"We dive into our own artistic disturbing psyches and try to pull out some things to torment our fellow man," said Haunted Basement director Noah Bremer.

This year, before you even enter the basement, you surrender your power. You check your belongings, zip up a jumpsuit and cover your face in a mask.

"We want to make sure that we are in control and that they feel a little lost in this big, crazy haunted environment," said Bremer.

After you go down the hatch, each of your senses will get spooked, as booming sounds, haunting visuals, and even manufactured smells make for an interactive experience that is less about jumps and more about the creeps.

GALLERY: Soap Factory Haunted Basement 2013

Most of the contents of this year's Haunted Basement are top secret, but guests should know that if they make it through the basement, their reward is a trip to the Spooky Speakeasy, which is new to the Soap Factory this year. Bartenders like Johnny Michaels from La Belle Vie will be mixing up spooky cocktails.

The cocktail lounge will also have some creepy performances, including a butcher demonstration.

Even stripped away of its scares, the basement is rumored to be haunted.

"It's a creepy place at any time of day, especially late at night, especially after everyone is gone and you're painting something alone. You'll hear voices and sense things behind you," said Bremer.

The squeamish should be warned that the Haunted Basement is really active. There's crawling, climbing and disorientation. And you will get dirty. And scared.

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