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Snow Emergency Leads To Arrest Of Burglars In Robbinsdale

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Robbinsdale police officers apprehended two burglars, after a string of break-ins, by following their footprints in the snow just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

A police officer was doing snow emergency parking enforcement during the snowstorm when he grew suspicious of a fresh set of footprints on the road in the 3700 block of Zenith Avenue North.

He followed the tracks, and two more officers joined him soon after. After more than 30 minutes of tracking, an officer who was sitting in a "darked out squad car" saw two men in dark clothing enter a driveway and approach a car.

The police officer lit up the area with his floodlights and stopped them. They had backpacks and a cooler case containing tools, cell phone chargers, a car stereo, and other stolen items.

Law enforcement says if you live in the area and your garage or vehicle was broken into, you can call the Robbinsdale Police Department to file a police report. Authorities may have some of your stolen items as well.

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