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GOP Aims To Strip Funds From Planned Parenthood Clinics

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- Minnesota Democrats and the leader of Planned Parenthood in Minnesota on Tuesday blasted efforts by state Republicans to strip family planning funds from its 18 clinics around the state.

Planned Parenthood is calling a stack of anti-abortion bills introduced by Republicans the most aggressive attacks against the organization in years.

One bill in particular would restrict family planning grants to any health clinic or affiliate that provides abortion services.

Sarah Stoescz said it will significantly restrict access to family planning services for 45,000 women who get their health care at Planned Parenthood.

"In their zeal to end women's access to abortion, these politicians would deny access to birth control, family planning to thousands -- in fact, tens of thousands -- of women in Minnesota," Stoescz said.

Republicans say there are dozens of other clinics to replace Planned Parenthood services, one of several anti-abortion bills. There's another to license abortion clinics. And one more to cut fetal research funding to the University of Minnesota.

So what are the chances for any of those measures passing? Almost zero.

Even if the bills pass the Republican House, they won't get traction in the Democratic Senate. And Democratic Governor Mark Dayton says he's going to veto. In political speak: these are "statement" bills, to make a point.

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