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'Perfect Storm' For Winter Outdoor Activities On Saturday

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Whether you were plowing, working, or playing, the 14-to-15 inches of snow in the south metro made for a busy Saturday.

"It's kind of a perfect storm in a good way for us," said Buck Hill CFO Nate Birr. "Nothing like getting some beautiful flurries, a lot of them. And then on top of it, you get a bluebird day on a Saturday."

Buck Hill in Burnsville had all runs open except the pipe and the tubing area on Saturday, for the first time this season.

"A lot of powder. Just floating around," said Rachel Well who was getting ready to ski with Winston Ernst. "A lot of powder and people floating around out there too," Ernst added.

"A lot of people, little bit of chaos maybe," said Birr. "But hopefully in a good way. We definitely expect the parking lot to be full all day."

Some people were on the clock this Saturday.

"No matter what, rain or shine, we're going to be here. No matter what," said Neej Chou, who saw two of his fellow semi truck drivers in the ditch this morning on the way from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

"The road today actually is pretty bad," he said, adding that I-90 was the worst that he saw. "This storm hit pretty hard. Pretty bad. But what are you gonna do? You gotta be here, so take your time."

At Lebanon Hills Regional Park, the snow was perfect for some of the snowshoers getting out here, but a bit too deep for the bikers.

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