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Peaceful Protester To Gov. Walz: 'We Don't Need A Curfew, We Need Your Voice'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It's been one week since George Floyd's death sparked protests and outcry over police brutality and inequality.

On Monday morning, a crowd of peaceful protestors sat in solidarity at George Floyd's memorial on 38th and Chicago. It followed a week of peaceful protests, riots, looting and clashes with mobilized law enforcement in the Twin Cities -- and across the country.

At the memorial site, WCCO's Christiane Cordero spoke with with Corey Moore -- a football coach, veteran and protestor -- about how to confront racism and start healing Minnesota.

"It's not us that's trying to tear this city apart," Moore said. "We just want justice. We want to feel safe. We want to feel equal ... we need peace for everybody."

Moore addressed Gov. Tim Walz, saying that his voice is needed, not a curfew.

"Governor, I'm begging you. We need you. Find your platform and talk to us. Let us know that things are going to change. Let us know we're going to be able to heal. Let us know that we're going to be safe and that we're not going to be afraid, or live in fear, of dying over a speeding ticket. Let us know that."

Moore said people need to remove the hate from their heart, or have conversations any family members who may have hate in their heart.

"Be brave, talk to them, let them know it's wrong," he said.

Watch Moore's powerful interview in full above.

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