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Minnesota Family Turns Child's Old Room Into 'Presidential Suite'

DAYTON, Minn. (WCCO) -- President's Day takes on a whole new meaning for a family in Dayton.

They've dedicated an entire room in their home to U.S. presidents. It was first called the Flag Room, then Americana Room, and now it's referred to as the Presidential Suite.

From the Oval Office carpet to historic documents, Patty Davis' patriotism runs deep. She's been collecting books, flags, and other presidential memorabilia for 70 years. Born the summer of D-day in Rogers, Patty was one of 11 siblings who grew up on a dairy farm and fell in love with history.

"I started that in 1952 when Eisenhower ran, I got interested because everyone liked Ike!" Davis said.

As her book collection grew, her late husband, Bob, a navy veteran, helped find her passion a home in their daughters' childhood bedroom.

"He was all for the room," she said.

Her son, Eric, is a history buff, too. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in history. Davis's grandchildren are also following in their footsteps.

"My granddaughter is thereafter getting her award for reciting the presidents forward and backward," she said.

On this President's Day, the room is a space to reflect.

"Even the ones who didn't go down as having a great presidency, they all had their hat in the ring and did the best they could and I think we should have a certain amount of reverence for that," Eric said.

"It's a special day. It should be for all of us," Patty said.

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