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Minneapolis Officer Who Allegedly Threatened To Break Teen's Leg Fired

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- WCCO has learned that an officer on leave for allegedly threatening to break a teenager's leg has been fired.

The incident was caught on camera last March by 17-year-old Faysal Mohamed.

"Plain and simple, if you f*ck with me I'm going to break your legs before you even get a chance to run. Be honest. I don't screw around," the officer said.

Mohamed claims Officer Rod Webber pulled over the car he and three of his friends were in. Mohamed's recording of the threat led to an investigation that eventually ended in Webber's dismissal from the department.

The Minneapolis Police Federation says it will likely appeal the firing.

Officer Rod Webber had been on paid administrative leave since late March while investigators checked into the incident. Webber was caught on camera after he pulled over four teenagers in a car in south Minneapolis.

The video shows officer Webber threatening the 17-year-old Mohamed.

Webber held the teens for 45 minutes. All were let go without being arrested. In a statement, Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau said she couldn't speak specifically about this case.

Speaking generally, she said, "Public trust is a vital component to our ability to fully protect and serve the residents of Minneapolis. Officers will be held accountable if their actions are not consistent with our core values."

Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll said Webber "is a highly decorated 25-year veteran officer. The board has to review and consider appealing. I believe the board will ultimately appeal the termination as it was unwarranted."

Kroll says there was more video from the incident that won't be released until all the Federation's appeals are exhausted. Experts say it's hard to judge an officer's actions in a 30-second video clip.

Our attempts to reach the young man who videotaped the incident were unsuccessful.

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