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Maple Grove Woman Opens Home, 'Makes A Difference'

By Amelia Santaniello, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The woman who nominated Jane Lundquist told us about Lundquist's Maple Grove home.

"Her house has been home to many who just needed a little help 'til they could get a job, or whatever it was, to get back on their feet," wrote Sara Subby. "Rent free and full of trust, love and respect."

Subby, who's best friends with Lundquist's daughter, thought Lundquist deserved the Making a Difference award, which WCCO-TV and American Equity Mortgage give out twice a month. Subby was right.

I surprised Lundquist at Segue, her non-profit coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis. She saw me and headed back to her office.

"No, don't run away," I said. "We want to thank you for making a difference in our community and in the lives of younger people, and we want to present you with a check for $500."

"No way," she said, shaking her head.

Subby described Lundquist as an "arts and crafty stay-at-home Mom," who decided to create a safe place for young people to gather.

When Segue opened at its original location in Maple Grove, Lundquist started spotting young adults who hung out and didn't leave until the shop closed.

"They're like lost kids and don't have a place to stay," she said. "And there's not a whole lot in the Northwest suburbs for them."

Lundquist and her husband Joel opened their home to many of those "lost kids," even a few who had spent time in jail or prison.

"Other people in the family and friends of ours have a harder time believing that we're doing this then," said Joel. "We don't think it's a big deal."

Try telling that to Christi Brown, who's spent the past year and a half living in the Lundquist' basement.

"She totally has changed my life," said Brown.

I told her we need more Janes in this world.

"We sure do," said Brown. Smiling, she added, "I'm trying to be one."

Paula Engelking, Producer

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