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Keith Ellison commits to protecting abortion rights in Minnesota

AG Ellison says abortion rights are protected in Minnesota
AG Ellison says abortion rights are protected in Minnesota 02:11

ST. PAUL, Minn -- Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison issued a statement Monday reaffirming his commitment to supporting and expanding access to abortion care.

Ellison joined a national coalition of 22 attorneys general to emphasize that abortion will remain safe and legal in Minnesota and other states across the country.

Ellison advised that while he is attorney general, anyone from another state who seeks, helps someone seek, or provides an abortion in Minnesota that is legal in Minnesota will not be prosecuted. He will oppose extradition requests from other states regarding such abortions.

No one from another state will be prosecuted in Minnesota for having a miscarriage in Minnesota, Ellison said. 

"We stand together, as our states' chief law officers, to proudly say that we will not back down in the fight to protect the rights of pregnant people in our states and across the country," Ellison said. 

Ellison said Minnesota should include the right to abortion in state law and the state constitution and enact other laws and policies that expand abortion access.

The right to abortion in Minnesota is protected under the 1995 Minnesota Supreme Court Doe v. Gomez precedent.

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