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Hot Weather Puts Negative Impact On State Fair Food Biz

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) -- The hot weather is having a huge impact on State Fair food businesses. Attendance was down on Sunday by 40,000 folks this year compare with last.

Food business owners at the fair say it's only gotten worse since then -- Monday's record high heat kept sales down and they're already seeing the same for Tuesday.

One way businesses are trying to get people to their booths is with misting fans.

Businesses say more have popped up overnight, thanks to the fair and some said they are even providing their own.

And it doesn't seem to matter whether you're selling hot or cold foods -- everyone seems to be feeling the loss of money and customers, due to the heat.

The Minnesota State Fair said last year they only had two misting stations at the fair, but this year they have 12 -- as a response to the heat wave.

The Fresh French Fries manager said they're down to a third of their typical basket sales on Monday.

Minneapple Pie owners say they're down by half. And they say Tuesday's looking even less crowded than Monday.

Even with the extra fans and misting, they're worried.

"We've got a bunch of fans inside, we have some fans in front that are misting the crowd, we have an awning that keeps everyone cool out of the sun," said Tyler Villaume, manager of Fresh French Fries.

Joann Schlavin, from Minneapple Pie, said it seems like there are a lot of people at the fair, just not as many.

"When we look down the streets, we just see a crowd of people but I feel like, these last couple of days, especially because of the heat, they've been really empty," she said.

Businesses are hoping the rest of week and the holiday weekend will make up for the losses they're seeing now.

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