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Glitch Adds Extra $1,000 On Some U Of M Students' Bill

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Some University of Minnesota students are facing some unexpected charges, while the U said it will soon have it all straightened out.

The university said a programming glitch added $1,000 to 1,800 students' bills for the semester.

Mackenzie Walter's taking a money management course. So when the freshman from Sioux City, S.D., checked her first semester bill and saw an extra $1,000 on it, she panicked.

"There was extra money on there and we couldn't figure out what it was for," Walter said.

Carl Anderson, COO of health services at the U, explained how the issue happened.

"We just had a window in time when charges went on and didn't come off right away," he said.

He said the 1,800 students were charged for health insurance they opted out of because of a glitch.

Walter was an unlucky statistic, as fewer than five percent of students were affected.

"We're sorry if you saw something that looked like it may not be correct," Anderson said. "But it is going to get reversed and taken care of before any bill is due to the university."

Walter said she's learned a big lesson from outside the classroom.

"Always check your bank account," she said.

The university said none of the extra charges will actually go through. Officials said everything will be reversed by Wednesday evening, and that everyone involved will be emailed and sent a letter.

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