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Don't Like The Crash From Caffeine? Try These Drinks

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- We all love coffee for that instant stimulation. But with the coffee buzz, comes the crash.

Minnesota health coach Annalicia Lynn, founder of founder of, shows us three ways to increase our energy without the caffeine comedown.

Before popping a pill or grabbing a cup of coffee, take a sip of old fashioned water.

"If you're dehydrated the symptoms might show up as a craving. Another day it might show up as anxiety and stress, and yet another day it might show up as sluggishness and low energy," Lynn said.

If water is too boring for you to crave, spruce it up.

"I love to infuse my water. So, infusing your water with herbs, fruits, vegetables, even sometimes essential oils is a great way to spice your water up in regards to how fun it is, but it also adds nutrients to your water. So, it's a win-win," she said.

Lynn prefers lime, cucumber and mint. For a citrus version, try grapefruit and orange or even strawberry and basil.

If you don't like pieces floating in your water, put all your fruit in a pitcher, let it infuse in the fridge overnight and then strain it in morning.

If your body feels sleep-starved, it may just be oxygen-starved. Lynn says it sounds simple, but deep breaths are the fastest way to wake up.

"If you're at your cubicle and people around, just take a deep breath," she said.

If you are willing to stretch your comfort zone, try the "yogi cup of coffee." Move your hands up and down while taking in quick but deep breaths.

"It can take you from sleepy, sluggishness to kind of excited in 30 seconds," Lynn said

Lastly, you might not realize it, but the foods you eat may be wearing your body out.

"Seventy to 80 percent of your energy goes to digestion. So, one way that you can really help your body out if you're feeling sluggish is, number one, put in foods that are easy to digest," she said.

Put whole foods in juices and smoothies, such as cucumber, ginger, apples and kale that are easy to digest and give you that zing of energy without the crash.

"It's like a supplement in a glass," Lynn said. "You're getting all these micro-nutrients that your body is craving and needs to have the energy."

Annalicia's Favorite Green Juice

2 cucumbers
1 bunch kale
1 inch gingerroot
1 small lemon
2-4 Granny Smith apples
Wash all ingredients thoroughly.
Cut items so they fit in juicer.
Juice, then cool or pour over ice,
and enjoy!
1 small pitcher

Annalicia's Favorite Green Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened almond or
coconut milk
a handful of greens
1 frozen banana or pear
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup raw cashews
Blend milk and greens. Once
blended well, add the rest of the
ingredients, blend, and enjoy.
1-2 servings

Delicious & Nutritious Infused Water Combos

Combo #1:
Ingredients: Cucumber Fresh Mint Leaves, Lime

Combo #2:
Ingredients: Strawberry, Fresh Basil, Lemon

Combo #3:
Ingredients:Grapefruit, Sprig of Fresh Rosemary

Wash all ingredients thoroughly.
Cut items and place in fresh water.
Experiment with ratios for different flavors and potencies.

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