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'Daryl's Dog House' Takes Fair Hot Dogs To Another Level

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- If there is one place to find a different take on the plain old hot dog, it is at the Minnesota State Fair.

Dipped in sweet batter, it suddenly becomes a pronto pup. Add onions and kraut, it becomes the famous footlong. But now there is another option.

For the first time, fairgoers can sample the Daryl's Dog House varieties.

"We were just overly joyed that it happened quickly," owner Pat Cranston said.

His coveted invitation to "The Great Minnesota Get-Together" came on his second try.

"The timing was right with West End Market being redone, and so we were able to secure a spot in there," Cranston said.

But he is not a newbie to the fair scene. Cranston has spent 20 years honing his recipes at county fairs.

"I think we use the best products available," he said.

The Chicago dog is his most popular product. With onion, relish, tomato, pepper and a pickle, it takes the frank to a new level.

"They call it 'dragging it through the garden,'" Cranston said.

Yet there is one menu item that is sure to have a home-state appeal.

"Next I'm going to make the St. Paul-style hot dog," he said.

It is an all-beef frank on a poppy seed bun, and the toppings are all staples of a Midwestern diet.

"So we just kind of did a lot of research on what people would want on their hot dog, and everyone obviously said bacon," Cranston said.

French-fried onions and cheese sauce top this new take to the traditional hot dog. And let's just say it is no surprise it appeals to the Minnesota palette -- it's amazing.

Daryl's Dog House is located south of the West End Market on West Dan Patch Avenue.

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