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Customers Of Edina's Scheherazade Jewelers Left In Lurch After Sudden Closure

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The sign outside the Galleria Mall in Edina still bears their name, but it's a different story on the inside for Scheherazade Jewelers.

A "Closed" sign now sits where the 50-year-old business once was. A beautiful bauble used to hold a special place on Andrea's hand.

"My husband, he was the one who picked it out, so he was super proud of it. And obviously, like, I loved it. It was a gift from him, and so, you know, that's kind of taken away from us now," Andrea said.

She dropped off her engagement ring off there in October to be repaired by the manufacturer.

"About a week and a half after that, we got a phone call saying that the engagement ring was missing or stolen," she said.

Scheherazade was in the process working to create a new ring for her when she got the news that the store was closed.

"The weekend before they closed, we were actually supposed to go in and finalize the diamond," Andrea said.

Scheherazade Jewelers
(credit: CBS)

Stacie Olson had just sold her mother's ruby earrings there on consignment. She was still waiting for a $500 check when she received this notice in the mail that the jeweler had filed for bankruptcy.

"I went from very sad and feeling very victimized when I got the letter and realizing I was going to be out this money," Olson said. "Now I'm angry. I just don't think this is a good way to do business."

One of the trustees listed on the filing sent WCCO-TV the following statement:

The estate pieces that were at the store at the time of my appointment have been moved to safety deposit boxes. (Estate pieces are those pieces brought in by individuals to Scheherazade to be sold on their behalf.) The estate pieces have been segregated from the store inventory. We will be filing a motion with the bankruptcy court to obtain permission to return those pieces to the individuals. The motion will be filed with the court tomorrow or Friday. If we obtain court approval, we will notified the people who have estate pieces as to the procedures that will be followed in connection with the return.

Again, and I want to emphasize, those pieces that were at the store at the time of my appointment, have been moved off premises to safety deposit boxes and are segregated.

As to the jewelry being repaired, former Scheherazade employees are calling those individuals with pieces being repaired. They are being instructed on how to obtain their pieces - Nauni Manty, Manty & Associates, P.A.

The Better Business Bureau says situations like this are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Once the bankruptcy is settled, customers can file a claim against the company.

Right now, it's illegal for customers to even contact the owner of the store until it is all sorted out in court.


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