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Coronavirus In Minnesota: What Does A 'Shelter-In-Place' Order Look Like?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Gov. Tim Walz said Friday he's prepared to order Minnesotans to "shelter-in-place" if it becomes necessary -- but right now he is not ready to do that.

The governors of New York, Illinois and California have already put their states on lockdown. California was the first state to go under a shelter-in-place order on Thursday.

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This order made the typically gridlocked streets wide open for the first time in downtown San Francisco, according to Andria Borba, a reporter at our CBS affiliate in the city. She says she's enjoying the open roads.

"The biggest shock value to me is the traffic," Borba said.

Media members are among the few essential employees still operating, along with those working at gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and hospitals in California.

Every state under an order like this will have different provisions, but in California, you're still allowed to go outside.

"People are taking advantage of the leeway to go outside and exercise, walk your dog and get fresh air," Borba said.

She says San Francisco police are just giving warnings and breaking up any large groups they see so far -- but she says enforcement has been a lot stricter in San Jose.

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"Specifically we've heard about hair salons that have been busted in San Jose, gyms that are staying open outside of the regulations of the shelter-in-place, a lot of that. And there have been threats of citation, perhaps removal of business license," Borba said.

The mayor of San Francisco put the city on lockdown on Monday, two days before the governor ordered it for the entire state.

Minnesota mayors have the ability to make the same call.

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