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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Gov. Walz Asks Minnesotans To Practice More 'Social Distancing'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- As part of declaring a peacetime emergency, Gov. Tim Walz is asking for more social distancing precautions.

He's wants every Minnesotan to re-think the way they do life.

From sporting events to faith services, the upcoming weekend won't be as social as usual. And state leaders ask that any 250- person gathering be postponed or canceled.

"We need Minnesotans help on this. I think by now the idea this is nothing is put to rest, this is a serious pandemic," Walz said.

A problem that's growing in Minnesota, 14 people tested positive for COVID 19 in the last seven days, one person is described as acutely ill. And the numbers may not show the scope because of limited testing.

"We acknowledge it would be desirable to have more testing and we are working on that," commissoner Jan Malcolm said.

In the meantime, they are recommending people stay six feet apart, work from home if possible, and if vulnerable, stay home as much as possible.

School however will not be canceled on a state level but the governor say that could change and parents should make a backup plan.

"I would encourage minnesotans who are listening to start preparing for that, to start doing what you can do, so that we are able to continue to educate our children," Walz said.

The health commissioner says it's impossible to stop COVID-19, but they want to slow the spread and flatten the curve.

"While some people may feel invincible and strong, our neighbors are not," Walz said.

Minnesota leaders say the isolation is lonely, but we are all in this together.

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