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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Bikes, The New Hot Commodity, Are Flying Out Of Stores

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- With the weather getting warmer, people in the bike business are having a hard time keeping up. Bikes and bike repairs are in high demand.

Gov. Tim Walz declared that bike shops were essential businesses during the stay-at-home order, and people have certainly been using this time at home to get back on their bikes.

At Jonny Rock Bikes in Bloomington, the owner said bike shops can hardly keep up with demand. His new bike sales have roughly doubled compared to previous Springs.

"We have been slammed," owner Jonathan Minks said.

Minks' Hopkins location completely sold out of used kids bikes over the weekend. He had to bring a couple of bikes over from the other store.

Minks said the problem is a lot of suppliers can't keep up with demand as families are trying to find something to do while they're stuck at home.

"One of my suppliers I think said they sold nine months worth of bikes in two weeks," he said.

Melissa Wohlfeil, from Waverly, Minnesota, wanted to buy her soon-to-be three-year-old a bike for her birthday next week.

"We looked at Walmart and Target and the bike selection is just nonexistent," Wohlfeil said.

It's not just bike sales but bike repairs, too. A regular customer of Tonka Cycle & Ski said they usually get a bike tune-up in a matter of days. They were told Sunday this year it could be up to a month.

"Parents are just looking to get their kids outside," Wohlfeil said.

Jonny Rock Bikes is getting a shipment of 45 new bikes this week. Minks expects them to go fast.

The shopping policies can vary by bike shop as far as whether or not customers are allowed to enter the store.

Jonny Rock's does allow a few families in at a time at their larger Bloomington location but it is curbside service only in Hopkins.


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