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Behind the scenes of rhythmic, boisterous show "Cookin'" at Children's Theatre Company

Behind the scenes of Children’s Theater Company’s “Cookin’”
Behind the scenes of Children’s Theater Company’s “Cookin’” 03:56

MINNEAPOLIS — An exciting show the entire family can enjoy will have audiences hungry for more!

"Cookin'" is an iconic show that started in Korea, and has been wowing audiences around the world. Now, it's playing at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

The show is about four chefs putting together a meal for a wedding under a tight deadline. There's no spoken word - just the rhythm of a busy and boisterous kitchen that at times feels and looks like a rock show. The only instruments are knives, posts, and other kitchen staples.

"You see all the utensils and veggies are real," explained director Seung-Whan Song. "That is something that we also get from the grocery store so this is the same one that you eat in your kitchen."

These chefs do more than just chop, slice, and cook - they're also dancers and musicians - showcasing Korean culture in a way people might never have seen. On stage is a traditional prayer totem pole called Jangseung.

"So there's two things that we would like to point. There's one thing that is very special about Korean working in that field is that, are they really working? Or are they playing in the space? That's the very typical way of Korean working in the office, but it's the same in the kitchen" said Song. Production supervisor Kate Park helped translate.

"The second one will be the we are using the tradition of Korean rhythm called the samulnori," Song said. "It's a very special one that you never really heard from other parts of the world and you will get to hear a lot about the samulnori on stage."

The music - along with the deadline the chefs must meet - fuels the tense yet fun atmosphere throughout the theater - one they expect will connect with the audience.

"Because you're going to feel ok, is this going to be done in the right time, is there gonna be in the right direction, everything getting ready, you are going to feel like you are cooking for the wedding," Park said.

It's fitting that "Cookin'" is on stage at the Children's Theatre Company - given that it has a way of bring out the child within us.

"So from the top of the show we have a slide show explaining how to enjoy. We say relax and just enjoy. Don't think about too much," Park added.

"Cookin'" is on stage through Oct. 22. Tickets start as low as $15. 

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