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Charges: Teen Fatally Shoots Friend, Changes Story Multiple Times

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) -- A Snapchat post helped St. Paul police arrest a young man in the death of Angel Reyes Hernandez, 15, who was fatally shot early Sunday morning.

On Thursday, prosecutors charged his 16-year-old friend with pulling the trigger.

Humbolt High School will have counselors on hand at all athletic events beginning Friday after a holiday break tragedy took the life of a freshman and sent another, a junior, to jail for his death.

The gruesome scene ended at St. Paul's Arlington-Arkwright Dog Park Sunday morning, where police now detail in court documents how Oscar Cervantes flagged down a squad to say his friend had been shot.

According to a criminal complaint, Cervantes told police he blames the death of Angel Reyes Hernandez on four men in a car who wanted to fight. The criminal complaint against Cervantes says he changed his story multiple times while being interviewed following the boy's death, and when they told him they believed he wasn't telling the truth, he asked for a lawyer.

A witness came to police with a Snapchat video showing Cervantes pointing a gun at Hernandez moments before he was killed. Over the next few days, more friends came forward.

One person said he watched as Cervantes and Hernandez played with a gun and began fighting in front of young children in an apartment living room. Another said Cervantes admitted he shot Hernandez in the head, and another claimed he helped load the bloody couch into a vehicle before ditching it in a dumpster.

Police say when that same friend drove Cervantes to the dog park to dispose of Hernandez's body, he took off. He said he felt pressured to help. Witnesses told police they were afraid, saying Cervantes allegedly had gang ties and a serious anger problem.

The Ramsey County Attorney has filed a motion to charge Cervantes as an adult in the case.

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