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BLM Holds Vigil For Clark Outside Of Police Station In Day 3 Of Protests

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The FBI said Tuesday it will start a criminal civil rights investigation into the death of Jamar Clark.

That is one of the demands the Twin Cities Black Lives Matter group made after Clark's death on Saturday.

The group protested Tuesday for the third-straight night outside the 4th Precinct. They say they will stay until they see video of the incident, and know the names of the officers involved.

State troopers and city squads lined up near freeway ramps nearby to prevent a repeat of Monday night's shutdown of Interstate 94.

Forty-two people were arrested Monday night and spent time in the Hennepin County Jail. They were released at about 3:30 a.m., but now face misdemeanor charges of trespassing and being a pedestrian on the freeway. Some of them returned here to the 4th Precinct to camp out again Tuesday.

But protestors did not go near the freeway; they said Tuesday night was about healing.

Protestors began the evening's rally by blocking off more of Plymouth Avenue. Supporters also delivered more supplies -- including food, firewood, medical supplies and hand warmers.

William Douglas owns the Mass Appeal barber shop across the street from where protesters have been camped out since Sunday.

"It's kind of slowed down a little bit. You know, a lack of parking, stopping people from getting through," Douglas said. "It's a big impact on my business, but you know, hey, it is what it is. If they got to hang out, you know, til something get done, justice is done, it is what it is."

The BCA said Tuesday afternoon that officers did not have dashcam video or body camera video to help with the investigation into Clark's shooting. But they said they do have video from witnesses, and they will identify the officers when the investigation is complete.

"We're still undergoing as to exactly how the handcuffs … came into the scene," BCA Superintendent Drew Evans said. "There was handcuffs at the scene at the time, and that we're still examining whether or not they were on Mr. Clark or whether or not they were just … at the scene."

Protesters reacted to the BCA's announcement by holding a night of unity at the precinct. They took turns sharing how the last couple days have made them feel. They were even treated to free massages.

People at the rally did not clash with drivers or police, but they did make sure their message was heard.

The BCA says the investigation could take between two and four months. One of the protesters told WCCO they could hold out that long.

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