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Baby Boomers Boost Booming Business Of Botox

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- America has seen a 77-percent increase in cosmetic procedures over the past decade. And that's just the beginning.

Trend experts say 70 million baby boomers have no intention of acting -- or looking -- their age. It's estimated that by 2015, the quest to stay young will grow to a $114 billion annual industry -- a leap of nearly 50 percent in spending.

Facelifts, tightening, tugging and laser-zapping our way to smoother skin are just some of the options. Botox injections top the list of popular interventions at 5.5 million procedures yearly.

"They're very helpful to improve the look of a face without dramatically changing it with surgery," said Dermatologist Malinee Saxena.

She said healthy lifestyles and healthy attitudes really are the place to begin.

"It is nothing that you need. It is not medically necessary," Saxena said. "If it's something that really bothers you every day and you need to change your self-esteem, then it's a reasonable thing to look into."

Saxena said one of the best things you can do for your skin is free. It's called shade. Find some. You can also find it in a bottle. Sometimes they label it as sunscreen.

"So the No. 1 thing that will help prevent aging skin is sunscreen and sunscreen every day. If you're in your car, you're in the sun and people forget that," she said.

Saxena said sunscreens should have at least a 30 SPF and cover UVA and UVB light. Next, she says, don't smoke. It's terrible for your tissues -- inside and out. Also, exercise and healthy eating really do translate into a more youthful look and feel.

So, don't be shy if you have a cosmetic question for a specialist but experts say if you're happy with who you see in the mirror, that's a good reflection on you, too.

"Well, you know, more power to 'em. I agree. But sometimes you just have to grow old, gracefully," said Jennifer Wesley.

Saxena recommends that we do a little homework when choosing our doctors and look for those who are board certified in their specialties.

She also said over-the-counter skin creams with retinol are one of the cheapest products you can buy that work.

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