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Apple Valley Hockey Player More Than Just A Star Athlete

By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

APPLE VALLEY (WCCO) -- Apple Valley High School Sophomore Hudson Fasching is considered by many to be perhaps the best 15-year-old hockey player in the state of Minnesota. He's also got the makings of an NHL player. But as competitive and goal-driven as he is on the ice, it's at home where you begin to see that he's more than that.

Hudson is a big brother to 13-year-old Cooper and 12-year-old Mallory. Both were born with a rare DNA disease. They can't walk or talk.

"His 2-year-old to 5, 6-year-old time frame were nothing but hospitals. Because that's when these two were born," said Hudson's dad Rick.

However, Hudson doesn't regret it, nor have his parents recalled a time when he has complained. Every night he comes home from hockey practice or a game, Cooper and Mallory are waiting.

"Every time I go to Cooper and I shake his chest and he gets a big grin on his face because he likes being messed around with," said Hudson.

The thrills of what happened in the hockey rink give way to the joy of life at home. Hudson regularly helps his mom, Shannon, put his brother and sister to bed.

"It's hard because we don't get any visual or audio responses from them. I think each in their own way has formed who Hudson is, and they know Hudson cares about them more than anything," said Rick.

Whether they know it or not, Cooper and Mallory have helped give Hudson direction. When his hockey career is over, Hudson plans to study medicine and, maybe someday, find a cure for Cooper and Mallory.

"I feel lucky every day and it makes me more grateful for everything around me. I could have ended up not being able to talk or move, but I'm here and I'm willing to be successful with what I'm doing, and I'm happy to realize that," said Hudson.

His father agrees.

"The one thing I would hope is that he doesn't forget the experiences he has had with his brother and sister that have made him the kid he is right now and will hopefully make him the man he turns out to be," said Rick.

"I just hope he is always compassionate and remembers how hard it is to live the life that Cooper and Mallory live, and he's able to help other people," said Shannon.

Hudson is a straight-A student and was also a member of the school's state championship soccer team last fall.

Hudson said he hopes to play college hockey close to home after high school.

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