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Another Racist Video Involving Students Under Investigation At Prior Lake High School

PRIOR LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) -- Another investigation into a racist video involving students is underway at Prior Lake High School.

Principal John Bezek sent a letter to parents Friday saying that the most recent video, which involves students from Prior Lake and another district, was reported to officials this week.

"As soon as the video was brought to our attention, we launched an investigation and we took swift and appropriate action with the students involved," Bezek said, without specifically detailing what discipline the students received.

It's unclear if agencies outside the school are involved in the investigation.

This is the second probe into a racist video at the high school in a month's time. In early November, another racist video involving a student spread on social media, showing a girl calling a classmate the N-word and encouraging her to kill herself. The video, which remains under investigation, led to a large student protest outside the school.

Last week, an area school board meeting was disrupted by community members demanding accountability for race-related issues at the high school. In Bezek's letter, he said all the high school students met this week to discuss the school's culture and take steps toward improving it.

"Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools will not tolerate racism or hate speech," the principal wrote. "We believe everyone in our schools needs to be accountable for their words and actions."

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