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All Eyes On Gopher MarQueis Gray

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The Gopher football team has many unknowns. They hope they have a little certainty at the most important position of quarterback, where MarQueis Gray has patiently become the focal point.

Now, he wants to finish with a flurry.

Gray has waited his turn to make this his team. The time is now.

He's finally at a point where he's played quarterback long enough since his conversion from receiver, and he's played for the same coaching staff for two straight years.

"From the first few weeks of the game, you can tell they're all just getting back into the shape of being a quarterback. This is my second first year, going into the same offense since I've been here, and I feel a lot more confident, comfortable with it," said Gray.

While passing is what can define a big time quarterback, his feet are perhaps his most dangerous weapon. The ability to run while carrying a 250 pound frame is what makes him a game changer.

"It's all better for me. Anything I can do to make this team successful, get first downs, I'm all for it. I've been running the ball a lot, put on some good weight, and I feel like I'm healthy going into this camp, and I'm just ready for it to go," he said.

Gray progresses, hoping to both prove and improve. Finally, this is his offense, and this is his team.

"I have full control over it now. Lot more comfortable getting the plays in and out of the huddle. The guys believe in me, believe in them, and we're just making strides to get better this year," he said.

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