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2013 Spring Fashion Tips From A Minnesota Fashionista

Surviving a cold bitter Winter in Minnesota is an amazing feat for old or newcomers to the area, but preparing to dress for it is another matter. Minnesotans can recognize the coming of Spring once the days of subzero temperatures are no more, the trees are blossoming and the anguish of snow emergencies comes to pass. Gearing up to wear lighter clothes turns most folks into happy campers, yet who is there to turn to for Spring fashion tips? Ashley Lauren is the owner and designer of Diva Rags & Suavé Clothing. For this upcoming 2013 Spring, she has detailed five essential tips on how to dress for the season.

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Ashley Lauren
Diva Rags & Suavé Clothing
1832 E. 42nd St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 701-7436

Diva Rags & Suavé Clothing has evolved gradually over time and has gone from a shoebox to a full-service shop serving the community in the Twin Cities. The owner Ashley is a self-starter entrepreneur who began working at the age of 15 years old. Back then, she designed elegant headscarves and then the Suavé Clothing was added to the mix. The owner specializes in customizing fine looking scarves, apparel shoes and accessories. There is a strong sense of social responsibility in the way the clothes are designed and the way the collection is tailored to this concept of positivity. Below is Ashley's list of five fashion must-do tips for this Spring.

  1. Add a dash of brightness to your wardrobe and wear colors that boost your mood. I recommend wearing soft pastels and a few royal hues: turquoise, light pink, sunshine yellow, gold, ruby red and royal blue (especially for suave/debonair gentlemen).
  2. Embrace your individuality and be who you are. Incorporate aspects about your personality with your fashion. If you are "diva-licious," then add some sparkle to your wardrobe such as a Diva Rag so you'll shine a little brighter.
  3. Accessorize! Add scarves and jewelry to your wardrobe. Jazz up simple ensembles such as a white t-shirt and jeans with a Diva Rag.
  4. Purchase a Suavé Scarf. Reveal less and cover up more to keep that classy look.
  5. Support local artists and independently owned businesses. This ensures only unique fashion items.

How do you prepare each year when the Spring season comes around? Who develops your clothing? How do you set the prices on the items that you sell?

Ashley Lauren: When I think about preparing for Spring, I focus on "springing forward" with fresh and new concepts. It is a season that represents a time for change and exciting new colors. I customize all accessories and apparel and offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

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Anthony Carranza is a freelance writer covering all things Minnesota related to tech, social media, news, and local happenings around the Twin Cities. His work can be found at


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