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2 New Ways To Treat Your Allergies During Peak Season

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It's peak allergy season – as if you didn't know already – and ragweed pollen is the culprit.

It's the most common cause for seasonal allergies, and if you're having a tough time dealing with it, here are some products that doctors say could help.

The first is an alternative to liquid nasal sprays that often cause uncomfortable drippage. It's an aerosol spray that's getting rave reviews.

Deb Kellen has tried dozens of products, and found out about the spray just recently.

"It's a dry product so it doesn't leak back out," she said.

Her allergy specialist, Dr. Philip Halverson said it isn't the only new product making strides in the world of allergy relief.

Some people get allergy shots over several years, where doctors administer what you're allergic to. According to research, within the next couple years, you won't even have to come to the doctor's office to seek allergic reaction prevention.

"What's being developed now is to give the allergens in the mouth, under the tongue, and it's absorbed that way under the tongue," Halverson said.

If you're finding yourself bogged down by symptoms, Halverson recommends a nasal steroid spray.

He said it's the most effective medication.

Some new products combine the nasal steroid with an antihistamine in one spray. These have also shown to be effective. Hot, windy days make for high pollen counts, so rain can bring relief.

While allergies are genetic, Halverson said they often get better with age.

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