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World Renowned Ukrainian-Trained Classical Pianist Plays For Her Homeland

CORAL GABLES (CBSMiami) – A world away from the searing, disjointed sights and sounds of war, the mellifluous, soothing sound of classical music fills the University of Miami.

"It's called Melody and it's just a beautiful tune that everyone in Ukraine would recognize," says Marina Radiushina, a Ukrainian-trained, world-renowned classical pianist.

"We all know what's going on in Ukraine right now. People need support and we need peace. So, all of this is to just bring peace," said Radiushina.

From Odessa, Ukraine, originally, Radiushina also happens to be the artistic director for the Miami Chamber Music Society. She single-handedly raised thousands for this classical concert aptly titled "Homeland" using the talent that's taken her around the world: music.

Mike Eidson, the founder of Miami Chamber Music Society, explained, "Music, like most of the arts, it transcends borders. So the people in Ukraine can love the same music by the people in Miami Florida. It's a common language."

Inna Mlademovic, from central Ukraine, added, "The arts is incredibly powerful. Music can unite people and help people to relax."

Something which has been virtually impossible for so many Ukrainians to do since the beginning of the war.

"People are dying who shouldn't be dying. Children, elderly and it's a tragedy I hope will stop," said Radiushina.

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