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Seniors Strike A Pose In Yoga Class

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) - Keeping seniors active can be key to both their mental and physical health. There's now a new way for seniors to stay active thanks to a special kind of Yoga class geared specifically for seniors.

The moves are fluid and require grace and poise, but for the poses we are writing about, standing is not required. Stacie Dooreck is a yoga Instructor that is breathing new life into South Florida seniors. She owns Sun Light Yoga in South Florida.

"If you are in a chair and your hips hurt or your knees hurt, you can do the arm movement in a yoga pose," said Stacie Dooreck.

The point is to keep the muscles active, but how does that happen sitting down?

"Sitting in a chair, you get a similar effect for the flow of energy and circulation," Dooreck said to CBS4's Jorge Estevez at the Miami Beach Senior Center, where the seniors were learning Yoga.

The practice seemed to work.

"I learned a lot of things today. This exercise with the hands," Angelina Rodriguez said after class.

The practice is not only good for their bodies, but also their minds.

"You have to continue moving until you go the grave," joked Jose Soler who also took the class.

"You are meeting people to socialize with you have something to look forward to, so it affects you both emotionally and physically," said Joyce Kagan, Director of the Jewish Community services who holds the classes in her center.

Yoga can be a great exercise for seniors, but regardless of what kind of movement you want to do, the goal is to stay active.

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