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Salisbury: The Dolphins Need to 'Grow a Bigger Set of Balls' in Vertical Passing Game


"I'll take a win any way I can get one," Yahoo Sports host and former NFL QB Sean Salisbury said on the Big O Show. "They're hard to come by. If you're the Giants, would you rather have an ugly win or a pretty loss?

"I've got to tell you if they're going to move forward, I've got to grow a bigger set of balls on my vertical passing game. I just do if I'm the Miami Dolphins ... Because when you play them, you don't have to play the full field a lot of times ... You're making guys do stuff after the catch, even when they're catching the ball versus zone, you're putting too much on them. You've got to push balls passed the sticks in zone. In man, I understand shallow crossings ... You've got to give them a chance to push vertical and start to work that way. Horizontal teams, I can squeeze and beat them eventually."

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