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Patriots Most Hated NFL Team, Belichick Most Hated Coach

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A new NFL season is just days away from beginning and football fans across the globe are gearing up for another fun ride with their favorite teams.

While there are plenty of positive vibes surrounding almost every team at this time of year, there is another side to that coin.

Having a favorite team means that you probably have a team or two that you hate.  Whether it be a division rival or just a team that rubs you the wrong way, things can very ugly when fans channel into the dark side of their football fandom.

Sports Illustrated has tapped into that dark side and come up with a list of some of the most hated things in the NFL.

Dolphins fans will probably agree with the report's findings that the New England Patriots are the most hated team in the league, and that their head coach Bill Belichick is the most hated coach.

People surely dislike the Patriots for their amazing success over the last decade-plus but more so because of all the cheating stories and situations that surrounds them, such as Spygate in 2007 and last season's Deflategate scandal.

The full list of 'most hated' can be found by clicking here, with categories such as most hated player in the locker room, player most hated by fans, most hated stadium and most hated rule.

Fans in South Florida will be happy to know that the Dolphins don't show up on any of the hated lists, though I'm sure Dol-Fans wouldn't mind a little hate thrown their way from fans jealous of the team's success.

Of course, they first have to achieve success worthy of being jealous of.

But hey, it's a new season.  After so many years of waiting and hoping, perhaps this will finally be 'the year' that Dolphins fans have been waiting so long for.

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