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FIU Students Raise Funds For Cancer With Late-Night Events

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – While you were sleeping early this morning, FIU students were doing late night laps around the Ryder business building…and cutting their hair.

It's all to raise about a half-million dollars for the American Cancer Society in the Relay For Life.

"It makes you feel great. My grandfather died of lung cancer so I'm doing it for him," said Cesar Ramos, an FIU senior.

Ramos said he's cutting off all his hair, and just like senior Natalia Cabanillas, he is donating it to make wigs for cancer patients.

"I think she's going to cry [when she sees it]. I'm probably going to cry too."

Sophomore Aitana Carboso's long locks will be coming off too.

"It's inspiring and I would recommend it to anybody!" she said proudly.

"It's my second time doing it so I'm really excited."

Junior Catalina Rodriguez said: "It will always grow back, so why not put what God gives you to good use?"

Sofia is a bone cancer survivor.

"It's so amazing that someone would donate their own hair for me or anyone who would have to go through this."

Sofia says she gets asked about it all the time by strangers.

She said they ask her questions like, "What happened? Did you cut your hair for fashion?"

"I explain to them. Some get teary eyed. Others get overjoyed that I finished cancer," Sofia said.

Marlie Que is all smiles; she started this cancer fundraiser in 2004.

"Nine years later, just how this school with so much spirit and these students put all their heart into it!"

It was an all-night event that had everyone feeling good, like junior William Godoy.

"We have cancer survivors who walk around the whole lab and it's really really nice," Godoy said.

All night long, some students painted faces, while others sold food, and still others dressed up as the seven dwarfs.

It was all for a good cause.

"I was 15 and on Monday I turned 16. Cancer free!" Sofia said.


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