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CBS4's Steve Goldstein looks at a South Florida star player not being talked about

MIAMI - Star players and the Miami Marlins haven't been synonymous often over the four decades of the franchise's existence.

Back in the 1990's players like Gary Sheffield and some of the 1997 championship rentals were big time stars. Miguel Cabrera is the one who got away after astute general manager Dave Dombrowski signed him as a teenager. The sure-fire Hall of Famer was traded in a fire sale.

The 2003 title team also had stars, like workhorse pitcher Josh Beckett and catcher Pudge Rodriguez just to name a few. But they too weren't long for South Florida when the price got too high.

Of course, Jose Fernandez was a star on and off the field, with his ability and love of the game. His well documented heartbreaking death crushed the team.

Mostly, the recent and current Marlins have been nameless but there is a new sheriff in town to rival some of those past names.

Pitcher Sandy Alcantara is the best pitcher in the National League. New York's Jacob DeGrom and Max Scherzer are injured and Alcantara has taken the mantle. He should be the All-Star Game starter in a few weeks.

Just about every start, Sandy goes deep into the game and gives the Marlins a chance to win. He was outstanding on the recent road trip, leaving late in the game with leads in Philadelphia and New York. The bullpen failed him in Philly or he would have another win. His teammates did the job in the win over the Mets.

Sandy does what aces do, dominate their start, give the bullpen a rest and give the offense a chance to win by just scoring a few runs.

The Marlins made a slick trade with St. Louis in 2017 when they traded the well established Marcel Ozuna. Part of the haul in return was the then 22-year-old from the Dominican Republic, Sandy Alcantara. He made the All-Star team in 2019 and the good news for Marlins fans is Sandy is in the first year of a contract that can take him through 2027.
Here's hoping this pitching stud stays healthy, sticks around for years to come, and continues to be a star every 5th day.

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