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Best days to shop for deals during holiday season

Best days for deals during holiday shopping
Best days for deals during holiday shopping 01:40

MIAMI - The clock is ticking for holiday shoppers. If you missed out on those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, experts say don't worry, it's not too late.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for blockbuster deals, but they may not be the best deals depending on what you are looking for, according to Kyle James with

"There's actually some days in December where you can actually get better deals than you can on Black Friday," he said.

After tracking December deals for nearly two decades here's what he's found. On December 10th, expect discounts on laptops and toys. December 12th through the 15th is good for sales on video games and consoles.

December 14th is the day many retailers offer free shipping by Christmas Eve, often with deals on clothes, shoes, and kitchen items.

There are ways to save on top of the discounts. Many retailers offer coupon codes online that you can use at checkout.

"RetailMeNot, they have a really good app. When you're checking out always try to find that coupon to add on top of it," said James.

He added that many stores continue to cut prices right up to Christmas, so waiting could be worth it. However, some of the hottest toys and video games could sell out.

"If you find it at a good price, you probably want to snatch it up if you. If you wait, you might end up having to go on eBay and spending way more than you should," said James.

That's not ideal with inflation already pushing prices higher than last holiday season.

If you're looking for a new TV and can wait until after the holidays, James said you could find good deals around late January and early February, especially if you want something on the higher end.

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