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A Little Trim, A Little Politics In A New Hampshire Barbershop

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DERRY, N.H. (CBSMiami) – Dana Langley is the owner of the Derry Barbershop and has been cutting hair in a cozy New Hampshire town for more than twenty years. He knows the unique view folks in his state have during the presidential race.

"I'm fully aware that by having the first primary that's the reason that once every four years the candidates all come to New Hampshire and pretend that they care about our opinions," he said. "But if we didn't have the first primary we'd never see them, we don't have enough votes to matter otherwise."

Langley has had more than a few presidential contenders come into his shop.

"Sometimes they'll come down here and stop in the Derry News for an interview," he said. "Once in a while they'll stop here and say hi. I've spoken to Governor Romney a time or two."

What did he think of Mitt Romney?

"I liked him, nice folks, I met him and his family a few times," he recalled. "The Clintons were in here many years ago. I mean they're all nice folks, both sides. That's why I don't understand so much of the acrimony in the politics. The other side will be like, `Oh they're evil, they're mean, they want to destroy the country.' Oh please, it's ridiculous."

The one thing this year he is certain of: "From watching both sides, I'm quite convinced that regardless of how it comes out, this election is going to be freakin' hilarious."

This brings us to Donald Trump.

"I do tend to notice people's hair obviously since that's what I do for a living," Langley said. "I doubt if he comes into a regular barber shop like this, although I have heard that is his actual hair. Somehow by the way he combs it and styles it to look like a bad toupee that became his trademark and no one would recognize him otherwise now."

Setting aside his pompadour, how about his politics?

"He's irritating people and he's having fun," Langley said. "I mean if only he weren't so shy. He doesn't seem too much care what you guys think or say about him, as long as you mention his name. And you're doing it for him, falling into his trap."

Langley has kind words for Marco Rubio's dark hair but wonders why Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are still in the race.

"So many people on the Republican side dislike both of them," he said.

Langley said there is an angry mood in the country.

"I think it's frustration, and I think the majority of it has to do with our economy," he said. "People are not seeing a recovery in spite of the happy talk from Washington."

Despite it all, Langley said he remains optimistic about the future of the country.

"We are the greatest and most flexible country in the history of the world," he said. "We've survived fools before, we'll survive them again. Whether I live long enough to see the good time return remains to be seen but they will come back."

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