Donald Trump: Truth-teller or flip-flopper?

  • By Katiana Krawchenko and Jake Miller

    As he surges to the front of the GOP presidential primary, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is pitching himself as an unvarnished truth-teller - the kind of guy who will tell you what he believes, whether you like it or not. But how consistent has Trump been in his political beliefs over the years?

    By some measures, it turns out, he hasn't been very consistent at all. He's running as a rock-ribbed conservative on health care, abortion, gun control, and other issues - but he hasn't always embraced the right-wing positions he's voicing on the campaign trail today.

    At times, Trump has sounded more like a libertarian - or even a liberal - than voters might guess, given his current persona as a conservative warrior. And when you've sought the public eye as long and as aggressively as Trump has, it's not easy to brush your earlier statements under the rug.

    Here are six issues on which Trump has flip-flopped.