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Samsung Frame TVs are as low as $798 ahead of Memorial Day

Man watching Samsung The Frame TV

Ready to take the plunge with a new TV? It might be time to splurge on Samsung's Frame TV. This flat-screen display is a true multitasker. By blending a crisp QLED picture with art, it can become a full-fledged canvas to display paintings and photos. But the 2023 model is old news now. Samsung's 2024 Frame TV debuted last month at retailers like Samsung, Amazon and Best Buy, with prices starting at $900 for a 43-inch model. But if you don't need the latest and greatest version of the Frame TV, you can save some serious cash by shopping the older ones on sale at Walmart right now, where prices start at $798.

These 2023 versions, denoted by model LS03B, are all in stock and ready to make their way to your home before they're finally replaced with the all-new crop of 2024 LS03D Frame models. That means you can get your own top-selling, reader-favorite TV for even less by picking up the older stock. That will save you hundreds -- or thousands, depending on what size you order.

Here's what you need to know before settling on a new Frame TV to bring home -- and whether you should save money with an older model or grab the new hotness from 2024. No matter your decision, you'll still be getting a TV that'll make your jaw drop.   

Save up to $1,298 on Samsung Frame TVs at Walmart

Samsung 65" Class The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

The Frame is a top-notch 4K art television. When you're finished watching TV or movies, change the display to art mode to show off famous paintings (or your own pictures or photos). Cleverly concealed cords and a non-reflective matte screen make this TV resemble a framed masterpiece on your wall. 

When you deactivate art mode, you can watch sports and other high-action content in stunning 4K QLED resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The matte screen allows for a great view of the action, no matter what angle you're watching from.

The Frame includes features like Quantum HDR, expanding color and contrast range and streamlined wall mounting. You can also choose from an array of customizable picture frame-like bezels to tailor the look to your taste. The detachable edges are also magnetic for easy swapping when you want a change.

Last year's model (LS03B) is on clearance at Walmart right now -- you can save up to $1,298. But don't delay: These models will likely sell out and won't be restocked.

Choose from the following options:

What's the difference between the 2024 Frame TV and 2023 Frame TV?

The 2023 and 2024 Frame models share the core specs most buyers care about. Display size and type are identical, with the 2024 having a slightly faster refresh rate that mainly benefits gamers. Design and dimensions stay true to the Frame aesthetic, so you can still turn your TV into a minimalist art piece when not in use.

Mounting options are nearly identical given the similar weight and build, too. More importantly, both offer equivalent audio and visual performance through the same Quantum 4K processor and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio system. In the eyes of layperson buyers, the differences come in the form of incremental upgrades. 

The 2024 model does provide some enhancements, namely more accurate colors in art mode and improved energy efficiency. However, these upgrades may not be worth the extra cost for everyone. If you don't need the latest upgrades for improved color or power use, the 2023 still offers a great balance of value and quality.

Since the core viewing experience and main design are comparable between models, you'll find that the 2023 Frame TV can still deliver where it matters most at a cheaper price. 

Is the 2023 Samsung Frame TV worth it?

If your main concern is getting the biggest bang for your buck (i.e. a great new TV for less), then yes, we recommend a 2023 Samsung Frame TV on clearance at Walmart. Considering how deep the Walmart clearance discounts are, it's well worth grabbing an older Frame TV right now and saving up for a second or an upgrade if you love it as much as you think you will.

There's always a chance to go back and get the new model later, but these clearance options will be disappearing quickly, or returning to their regular prices in some situations, as the 55-inch model is already back to a pre-discounted price. Lock in your 2023 Frame TV now. 

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