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Viking appliance deals: Rebates on lux ranges and stoves, plus a free dishwasher

Best place to get Viking appliance deals
The Viking line was launched in 1987 in Greenwood, Miss.  Viking

Viking appliances have a reputation for luxury -- and luxury prices. If you've been wanting the former, but not so much the latter, then there are a couple of current Viking deals you should know about. One's a mail-in rebate that can get you at least $750 back in your wallet. The other's a buy-one-get-one-free offer, with a little something extra. (That's right, you can score a Viking appliance for free.)

Top deals in this article:

Viking VGR5304BSS gas range, plus free dishwasher, $6,909 (reduced from $8,636)

Viking VCBB5363ERSS refrigerator, plus free dishwasher, $13,839 (reduced from $17,299)

Both deals are outlined on Viking's site and elsewhere, but they're best articulated, we think, at Appliances Connection, an authorized Viking dealer. The retailer's site has a section that walks you through the process step by step, and helps you build your shopping cart with the appliances that'll you need to qualify for one or both deals. 

Let's start with the BOGO promotion, technically called BOGO+. If you buy a qualifying Viking range, wall oven, cooktop or refrigerator, then you get your choice of a free qualifying Viking dishwasher or microwave -- or $1,000 toward the purchase of a non-qualifying Viking appliance that retails for $1,500 or more. 

But wait, there's, as they say, more: If you buy a second range, wall oven, cooktop or refrigerator, then you can get a second appliance for free. (Or, natch, you qualify for another $1,000 toward the purchase of another non-qualifying Viking appliance.) Viking's BOGO+ promotion is running now through Dec. 31.

If after you've concluded your flurry of appliance acquisitions, your tab comes to $15,000 or more (and it just might), then you'll qualify for Viking's 5% mail-in rebate offer. That Viking promotion is also running now through Dec. 31. If you want, you can get the rebate independently of the BOGO+ deal (but you'll still have to buy $15,000 or more in qualifying appliances to get it). 

Now, that's a lot of info, we know, and, frankly, that's the CliffsNotes version. So, we're going to break this down even further, and build an Appliances Connection shopping cart with you. This will show you how to, one, max out your savings, and, two, score you some of Viking's best-selling offerings.

So, here we go: Let's say you're doing a kitchen remodel. You need a lot of stuff, but you want to start with a Viking range. Go to Appliances Connection's Viking sales event page, scroll to "Step 1," and select "Range." From there you're taken to a page of Viking ranges that'll qualify you for a free appliance once purchased. So, continuing with our scenario, let's say you opt for the Viking VGR5304BSS. Smart choice. 

Viking VGR5304BSS gas range

Viking VGR5304BSS gas range

The Viking VGR5304BSS is a stainless steel, Viking 5 Series four-burner gas range with convection oven and infrared broiler. Normally priced at $8,636 at Appliances Connection, it's on sale for $6,909. Plus, you get a Viking dishwasher or Viking microwave for free.

The price drops to $6,564 after rebate when your total Viking appliance purchase is $15,000 or more.

Viking VGR5304BSS range, plus free appliance, $6,909 (reduced from $8,636)

Once you put the Viking VGR5304BSS in your shopping cart, you'll see that you've qualified for a free appliance. Return to Appliances Connection's Viking sales event page, go to "Step 2," and select your dishwasher, microwave oven or $1,000 allowance. 

Let's say you've got your heart set on a Viking dishwasher. Click "Dishwasher," and you're off. When we visited the dishwasher page, we saw three options, and while all three dishwashers were on sale, only one was eligible to be bundled for free with our appliance purchase. The one available to us for free was the Viking VDWU524SS.. 

Viking VDWU524SS dishwasher

Viking VDWU524SS dishwasher
Viking via Appliances Connection

The Viking VDWU524SS is a 24-inch, built-in dishwasher in stainless steel with capacity for 16 place settings. It boasts a power wash, along with a delicate cycle. 

If you buy the dishwasher outside of the Viking BOGO+ deal (because maybe all you want is a dishwasher), then the good news is the appliance is on sale at Appliances Connection for $2,099, down from $2,624. 

The better news is, if you do select this machine as your treat in the Viking BOGO+ deal, then you'll see it's discounted all the way down to "FREE" in your shopping cart. 

Viking VDWU524SS dishwasher, $2,099 (reduced from $2,624) 

Click here for Viking's complete rundown, by model number, of appliances you can receive free with its BOGO+ offer. 

OK, so, back to your shopping cart: You now have two items in it: the Viking VGR5304BSS range; and your (free!) Viking VDWU524SS dishwasher. The total price tag for the pair is just under $7,000, before taxes. (Shipping, by the way, is free.) You've gotten a good deal, but if you buy one more appliance, you'll get two more good deals. Remember, the purchase of a second qualified Viking appliance will net you a second Viking freebie, and if your shopping cart hits $15,000 or above, you'll be eligible for Viking's 5% mail-in rebate. 

This time, on Appliances Connection's Viking sales event page, go to "Step 3," and select your next qualifying appliance. Let's say, this time you pick a refrigerator. When we visited the fridge page, the best-selling Viking VCBB5363ERSS caught our eye. 

Viking VCBB5363ERSS refrigerator

Viking VCBB5363ERSS refrigerator
Viking via Appliances Connection

The Viking VCBB5363ERSS is a Viking Series 5, 36-inch-wide refrigerator. The upper fridge boasts a total capacity of 20.4 cubic feet; the lower freezer offers a total capacity of 5.1 cubic feet. A range of color options is available. A shade called "San Marzano Red" is pictured. You can get the Viking VCBB5363ERSS for 20% off at Appliances Connection; the $17,299 appliance is on sale for $13,839. (This price drops to $13,147 after rebate if purchased as part of a qualifying appliance package.)

Viking VCBB5363ERSS refrigerator, plus free appliance $13,839 (reduced from $17,299)

Add that baby to your cart, and you should now notice an all-caps note of "CONGRATULATIONS!" near the top of your shopping-cart page. Why the exuberance? Your intended purchases have pushed past $15,000, and, once your sale is completed at Appliances Connection, you'll be able to pursue your 5% rebate with Viking. This deal will get you -- at minimum -- $750 (which is 5% of $15,000). 

But, wait, there's more, again: After adding the Viking VCBB5363ERSS refrigerator to your cart, be sure to return to Appliances Connection's Viking sales event page, and select your second free item. 

Let's say this time, you want a Viking microwave convection oven. If so, you're in luck because the Viking VMOS501SS is one of Viking's eligible free items. 

Viking VMOS501SS convection microwave 

Viking VMOS501SS convection microwave

The Viking VMOS501SS is a 2-foot-cubic capacity countertop convection microwave oven in stainless steel. Listed at Appliances Connection for $1,349, it's on sale for $1,079. But, again, if you're purchasing two qualifying Viking appliances, then this one's on the house.

Viking VMOS501SS convection microwave, $1,079 (reduced from $1,349)

Now, we admit: Figuring out which Viking convection microwave qualified for the BOGO+ deal took a little effort. We had to check Vikings' BOGO+ brochure to see what model numbers were eligible. But we did it, and so can you!   

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