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The best hearing aids you can buy online

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Shopping around for a new hearing aid? Your doctor may be able to refer you to good prescription-grade hearing aids, but even with insurance coverage those can get expensive. Like, thousands-of-dollars expensive. Over-the-counter, or OTC hearing aids, can offer high quality sound amplification and other features that can help with managing hearing loss -- and at a fraction of the price to boot.

OTC hearing aid brands are innovating new models and impressive tech features every day, which means there are plenty of quality, affordable hearing aid options to choose from. All that remains is to figure out the best fit -- literally and figuratively -- for you. 

That's where we come in. We've outlined our top picks for the best hearing aids you can buy online right now below.

The best hearing aids you can buy online

When it comes to hearing aids, you typically have two options: Schedule an appointment with an audiologist or hearing specialist and discuss prescription hearing aid options, or, after your appointment, dive into the rapidly expanding world of OTC hearing aids on your own. In 2024, the average price of a quality pair of prescription hearing aids typically ends up being between $1,000 and $3,500, making this a steep investment for people looking for a solution to mild to severe hearing loss.

Thankfully, OTC hearing aids -- which are generally much more budget-friendly than their prescription ancestors -- have become a big deal over the last few years. Brands are finding new ways to innovate better, smaller, and more feature-rich devices every day, but for now we have you covered with the best hearing aids you can buy online -- no specialist appointment or hearing test required. 

Learn more about our favorite selections below.

  • Best overall hearing aid: Jabra
  • Best hearing aid with a discreet design: MDHearing
  • Most comfortable hearing aids: Sony
  • Best hearing aids with a behind-the-ear design: Lexie
  • Most affordable hearing aids: Audien

Browse feature-rich and affordable hearing aids from trusted names like Jabra and Sony below and find the perfect pair just for you.

Our top pick: Jabra Enhance Select 300


In the world of OTC hearing aids, Jabra seems to have a knack for stealing that top slot. The brand's latest hearing-aid design, the Jabra Enhance Select 300, takes everything we already loved about Jabra hearing aids -- rich sound quality, a lightweight design, and impressive battery life -- and cranks it up a notch.

Jabra's smallest model yet, this hearing aid offers the best sound quality out of every OTC hearing aid we researched. A common complaint for some hearing aids you can buy online is that amplified sound seems flat or distorted. That's not the case here -- the Enhance 300 model rivals most prescription hearing aids with decent sound boost, exceptional noise filtration, and a lack of any static hiss in the background. 

The biggest downside here is the price: With great (technical) power comes a hefty price tag, and the Jabra Enhance feels more in line with your average prescription hearing aid than most budget-friendly OTC hearing aids. If you can afford the $1,695 cost, this hearing aid are absolutely worth your consideration.


  • Battery life that lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge.
  • Rich sound quality that surpasses all other OTC hearing aids we looked at.
  • Using these with the Enhance Select mobile app (a newer version of Jabra's Enhance Pro app) can unlock extra options like different sound modes (all around, music, outdoor, etc.).


  • A steep price tag, especially for OTC hearing aids.
  • Customers report a subpar audio quality when streaming via Bluetooth.

Best hearing aid with a discreet design: MDHearing Neo XS


If you prefer something less cumbersome or visible than an over-the-ear or behind-the-ear design, consider this discreet hearing aid from MDHearing. The Neo XS design is this brand's latest and tiniest build yet, featuring tiny devices that are 50% smaller than the original MDHearing Neo hearing aid.

This affordable OTC hearing aid offers an easy setup experience -- the silicone-tipped dome fits as snugly in the ear canal as a pair of earbuds -- and simple, intuitive controls. The Neo XS also comes with enhanced noise reduction and improved feedback cancellation features over previous MDHearing styles.

At $397 per pair, this hearing aid is the epitome of quality OTC hearing aids you can buy online: cheap, effective, and with a light design that makes for true all-day comfort.


  • Small, nearly invisible design that can sit comfortably in the ear canal for long periods of time.
  • Improved noise filtration and amplification features over previous MDHearing styles, making this an ideal pick for people with moderate to severe hearing loss.


  • These are controlled and adjusted through buttons on the back of the hearing aid which, while easy to reach, can be finicky for precise adjustments due to the small design of the Neo XS.
  • A number of customers complain about noisy feedback when turning up the volume.

Most comfortable fit: Sony CRE-C10


From TVs to headphones, Sony is a brand with a long history of putting out reliable and impressive technology. Now, you can add hearing aids to the list thanks to the success of the Sony CRE-C10 devices.

A cheaper alternative to the Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids, which offer improved sound quality and noise reduction for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, the CRE-C10 hearing aids are more compact and offer additional features such as music streaming capabilities.

This prescription-grade, completely-in-canal hearing aid is advertised as being self-fitting, which means you should have an easier time setting up and using this device in no time at all.

 Right now, these hearing aids are more than 20% off at Amazon (down to $798 from $1,000), so if you need a sign to invest in a good pair of OTC hearing aids -- consider it this.


  • Prescription-grade sound quality puts these hearing aids high on our list of recommendations for anyone looking for an over-the-counter solution to hearing loss.
  • Compact and nearly invisible design makes these comfortable and discreet.
  • Multiple customizable sound programs available through the mobile app.


  • Unique shape and design could make it difficult to maintain a snug fit for long periods of time; some customer reviews mention these hearing aids shifting or moving with excessive jaw movements.

Best behind-the-ear design: Lexie B2 Plus


For a more classic behind-the-ear design, we recommend the Lexie B2 Plus hearing aid. These hearing aids are powered by Bose, so you can count on quality, prescription-grade audio design here -- all wrapped up in a budget-friendly hearing aid design.

The sound quality here is exceptional, thanks to sharp background noise cancellation and crisp sound amplification. The design of these hearing aids offers the best of both worlds when it comes to in-ear vs. behind-ear styles: the receiver-in-canal build means all that impressive tech sits in a casing behind your ear while the earbud portion sits snugly in the canal. If you want a hearing aid that won't get loose or grow uncomfortable after long periods of use, this is the device for you.

You can buy a pair of Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids powered by Bose from Best Buy below for $999.


  • Exceptional sound quality all around.
  • A comfortable design that isn't too small for button control nor too big to be comfortable for long periods of use.


  • A relatively high price tag for OTC hearing aids.

Most affordable: Audien Hearing Atom 2

Audien Hearing

If you're tired of considering hearing aids with prices that dip into four-digit numbers, we understand. That's why we rounded out our list of top hearing aids you can buy online with this budget-friendly pick from Audien Hearing.

The Audien Hearing Atom 2 hearing aid may not offer the richest sound quality, especially when compared to the Sony or Lexie / Bose products listed above, but this hearing aid offers decent sound quality for the price tag. Enjoy a number of different hearing modes, including targeted sound amplification that singles out conversations (or your favorite TV show), with this hearing aid.

Speaking of a price tag, these hearing aids clock in at just $189 per pair. 


  • Best price on our entire list of OTC hearing aids.
  • Small and lightweight design makes for a discreet fit, if that's what you're looking for.


  • A number of customer reviews point to noisy feedback as a semi-consistent issue. 
  • Noise cancellation and sound amplification features may be less robust than other, more expensive hearing aids.

What kinds of hearing aids are there?

Hearing aids come in a number of different shapes and sizes. There are smaller devices that fit entirely in the ear canal for a less noticeable look, while bulkier hearing aids have parts that sit comfortably behind and around the ear. The most common styles you'll come across include: 

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE): BTE hearing aids loop over the top of the ear, with most of the electronics in a plastic case behind it. With the largest design, these provide optimal sound amplification over other models.
  • Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC): RIC hearing aids (as well as the smaller receiver-in-the-ear, or RITE, devices) are similar to a BTE in design, but with a connecting wire in place of the BTE's earmold. This gives the ear canal more room and results in a more comfortable fit.
  • In-the-ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are custom-made to sit entirely in the outer ear. These devices have a longer battery life and usually come with more features, such as volume control, than smaller models.
  • Completely-in-the-canal (CIC): CIC hearing aids have the smallest design, with a custom-built shell that fits in the ear canal. These are the least noticeable, but don't offer many features or the most powerful sound amplification.
  • Open fit: A variation of a BTE, an open-fit hearing aid has an over-the-ear design with an open dome in the canal instead of a tube or mold. This keeps the ear canal open for natural sound to enter the ear as well – ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss.

How we ranked the best OTC hearing aids of 2024

For a closer look at how we rate products, here is what we prioritized while putting together our list of the best hearing aids you can buy today: 

  • Sound technology: We looked for important features like background noise cancellation and speech amplification.
  • Affordability: We looked at both prescription hearing aids and the more budget-friendly OTC devices to make sure we highlight high quality hearing aids of all price points.
  • Customer reviews: All of our hearing devices hold a four-star review or higher from happy customers just like you.
  • Comfortability: We paid attention to the design, shape, and fit of each hearing aid to ensure only the most comfortable hearing aids made the list. 
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