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The best handheld vacuums of 2024 are great for life's little messes

Best handheld vacuums
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When it comes to spring cleaning this year, you're more than prepared. You've got a stick vacuum to handle large messes, a robot vacuum to schedule for weekly cleanings, and you've got a robot mop to pick up the slack and handle hardwood floors. You've got your whole house covered – but what about those small messes that don't necessitate busting out the "big" bag vacuum and lugging it around the house? The best solution? Handheld vacuums. 

The best handheld vacuums offer impressive amounts of suction, whether you're cleaning crumbs out of your bed or sucking up stubborn pet hair from your furniture. These small cleaning appliances can tackle all your smaller messes and more. They're even compact enough to fit in your car. If you need some help tidying up tight spaces, consider grabbing one of the best handheld vacuum options we've rounded up below. It's about to get a lot cleaner around your house -- and car. 

Best handheld vacuums of 2024

Best handheld vacuum: Shark Ultra Cyclone Pet Pro cordless handheld vacuum

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Cordless

Whether you need some extra help spot cleaning messes from the kids, or debris that gets tracked in by the door, this Shark handheld vacuum can save the day. It's super lightweight and portable as well, at just 2.8 lbs., so your arm won't get tired while using it.

Its suction is next-level too, as it has two powerful air streams to make sure it cleans your surfaces without you needing to go over it again – the bane of anyone cleaning house. It even has a detachable brush to help cut through wrapped and tangled hair that could otherwise get caught on the brush.

There's plenty of space for all that dirt to go, thanks to an extra large dust cup to hold all of that dirt. And when the cup does get full, it has a special push-button dirt ejector for hands-free emptying.

For the price, this is an excellent handheld vacuum that you won't have to pay more than $100 for – and it's not so bad-looking, either. 

Best lightweight handheld vacuum: Bissell AeroSlim Lithium Ion cordless handheld vacuum

Bissell AeroSlim Lithium Ion cordless handheld vacuum

This compact handheld vacuum is remarkably lightweight, at just 1.4 lbs. If you don't want to exert yourself while cleaning, this is a great choice, as it's the lightest of all the vacuums on this list. It also happens to be one of the slimmest as well. 

It can handle plenty of cleaning tasks. Its powerful suction is matched only by how useful and resourceful of a machine it is. Use it like any other handheld vacuum, or use the 2-in-1 crevice tool and dusting brush, stored on the side of the machine, to grab dirt hiding in tight, hard-to-reach places.

The entire package is sleek and svelte, and you can fit the assembly, which comes with a stand for easy storage, just about anywhere. It doesn't take up enough space to ever be a nuisance –- you might even forget you have it. But don't, because it's truly a joy to use, thanks to its light build, great suction, and small-area cleaning attachments.  

Best handheld vacuum for pets: Black + Decker AdvancedClean+ Cordless Pet handheld vacuum

Black+Decker AdvancedClean+ Cordless Pet handheld vacuum

If you have pets, you know how quickly their dander and hair can accumulate in your house. Nicknamed the "Furbuster," this handheld vacuum was created to lift pet hair off of flooring, furniture, and anywhere else it might go.

Its motorized pet brush attachment has sticky rubber bristles to lift and detangle pet hair (and human hair too), with a large dust bin that empties quickly from the bottom, so you never have to touch all the nasty stuff. You can also wash the filter it comes with, so no worrying about having to buy a replacement.

A long crevice tool extends to wherever you need some extra help reaching between couch cushions or under the fridge (where you should be cleaning). Put all this together, and you have a great handheld vacuum that works in a variety of situations. Plus, it's a cute gray and purple.

Best budget handheld vacuum: Black + Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum

Black+Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum

Think about a budget handheld vacuum. Now make it fashion. This icy blue unit from Black + Decker is what happens when aesthetics meet practicality, and it really couldn't be a better-looking unit. But that's probably not why you're buying it.

Luckily, this affordable vacuum gives you great suction power that can handle quick messes and larger accumulations of dirt, crumbs, food or whatever happens to fall in your floor or between cushions. It can hold up to 11 ounces of dirt and debris, and the washable dirt reservoir makes it easy to see when you need to empty it.

It may not have all the bells and whistles of some of its competitors, but this is a simple, reliable vacuum that you can mount to the wall or charge with its included adapter and charging station. You really can't beat all that for less than $35.  

Best premium handheld vacuum: Eufy HomeVac H30 Mate handheld vacuum

Eufy HomeVac H30 Mate handheld vacuum

If you want to go all out with your handheld vacuum, this Eufy unit is one great pick. It boasts extra-strong suction power and has two modes to choose from: eco, the baseline option, and the souped-up max mode, for larger, tougher messes.

It has a variety of tools to choose from, too, including a 2-in-1 crevice tool and a motorized pet brush to make it simpler to cut through pet hair and other debris that's usually more difficult to suck up.

Its sleek body makes it an ideal candidate for small spaces. You can keep it on its stand to charge it until you need it again, and it doesn't look like an eyesore -- just a cool piece of tech that looks like it's more than just a vacuum.

It's also just 1.78 lbs, making it surprisingly light for all its function and power. If you need something powerful, futuristic-looking, and multi-purpose with quality that you can trust, this is the way to go.

What you should know about buying handheld vacuums

These small cleaning devices work great inside closets, cars, on tabletops, in hard-to-reach corners and under furniture. But not all handheld vacuums are made equally. Some of these small vacs are more lightweight, some offer more suction features and some offer more attachments. 

Before you buy a handheld vacuum, you should know your vacuum needs. If you have a pet, you might want to find a handheld vac that's powerful enough to suck up pet hair and cat litter. If you're easily grossed out, you should select a vacuum that includes a no-touch dustbin disposal (of which we have found many). 

And consider your budget -- most handheld vacuums with all the latest features and functions are around the $100 mark.

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