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Beis The Medium Check-In Roller review: Why Beis is my new favorite luggage brand


When I worked as a travel journalist, I wasn't picky about luggage. But my opinion changed sharply when I found myself in the middle of an airport with a carry-on suitcase with a broken spinner wheel. It was a long, embarrassing and very uncomfortable journey to my gate. From then on, I swore to never go cheap on luggage again.

Recently, I purchased The Medium Check-In Roller suitcase by Beis for a week-long trip abroad. I've written about Beis products before, and have been delighted at how thoughtfully designed they were. As soon as I opened the suitcase, I was impressed, to say the least.  

Here are my hands-on, post-travel thoughts about The Medium Check-In Roller by Beis.

Beis The Medium Check-In Roller: The review

Rachel Center

Like other Beis luggage products, The Medium Check-In Roller comes loaded with features. Inside you'll find two flaps, including one that has a large zipper compartment on each side. The extra zipper compartment ended up being a really convenient place to stash my Apple AirTag. (My past suitcase, The Away The Carry-On, only has one zipper compartment.)

The zipper compartments found on the second interior flap are perfect for separating toiletries. One of the zipper compartments is made of a thick PVC that ended up being surprisingly spacious, but most importantly, effective at preventing messes. When I arrived home, I discovered that my cleanser leaked a bit. To my relief, the liquid remained inside the PVC compartment.

Having a built-in toiletry bag is truly a game changer, further enhancing the overall value of the Medium Check-In Roller.

For comparison: My old Away The Carry-On suitcase (left) next to my new Beis The Medium Check-In Roller (right). Note the added storage features of the Beis. Rachel Center

The suitcase also comes with two pouches: one large bag dedicated to dirty clothes (aptly marked "dirt bag") and another smaller one for anything else you might need to store. This was great, as it allowed me to separate dirty jeans and jackets from T-shirts and undergarments. This left me feeling more organized and saved space in my luggage.

The suitcase also has compression straps and is expandable. But given how spacious the interior was, I didn't need to make use of those features, unlike with other carry-on luggage I've owned.

In terms of on-the-go performance, Beis stayed solid. The wheels glided across the floor like butter. The suitcase handled the tumultuous journey of going from baggage check to baggage claim quite well. I loved the hand cushion under the trolley handle. The softness of the padding was soothing to feel as I guided the suitcase through airports, a train station and my hotel. I have no idea why this little luxury isn't standard across all suitcases. It's just another example of how Beis is miles ahead in the luggage game.

Beis' The Medium Check-In Roller is better than my Away The Carry-On


After my overwhelmingly positive experience with The Medium Check-In Roller, I'm now a Beis girlie through and through. I can't wait to take my check-in bag with me on more adventures.

Although it's been weeks since I've been back, I'm still discovering cool features available on the luggage. I recently saw a video of Shay Mitchell talking about a weight limit indicator located on the side handle, which I had no idea was on my suitcase (I need to get better at reading instruction manuals). To activate the weight limit indicator, lift up the side handle and if the indicator is red, your bag is more than 50 pounds.

There's also a retractable bag strap on the front of the suitcase that can hold up to 15 pounds, which would have been SO HELPFUL when transporting the bag of snacks and water I got at the airport. 

All in all, no shade to my old Away luggage. We've had good times. But Beis is just better. The Medium Check-In Roller comes in ten matte colors and three glossy options. The color I got is navy, which is currently sold out, but it's still available on Revolve.

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