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Apple AirTags price tracker: When to buy

Apple AirTag cases

Keep track of your things this fall. If you're someone who is constantly losing your keys, wallet or Apple AirPods during your travel adventures (or just your day-to-day life), you need a set of Apple AirTags. They're excellent for tracking everything important (including lost luggage). These helpful devices don't go on sale too often -- and they usually sell out quickly when they do. 

To help you find the best deal and know when to buy, the experts at CBS Essentials analyzed historical pricing data on Apple AirTags models using CamelCamelCamel to uncover key data patterns and help you find the best time to buy. 

Keep reading to find out whether you should buy Apple AirTags right now or wait for a better sale.

When to buy an Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag
Apple via Amazon

These tiny trackers send out a Bluetooth signal that can be anonymously detected by nearby devices. Even if your own phone isn't handy, you (and only you) can locate these trackers on an Apple "Find My" map. If your iPhone is handy, it can lead you straight to the tagged item via the phone's "Precision Finding" feature (found on the Apple iPhone 11 and newer models). Apple AirTags are water-resistant and designed to last for up to one year on a standard, replaceable battery. 

We rarely see the singular Apple AirTags (as opposed to the multi-packs) go on sale, outright now they're on sale for $29. That's a slight discount compared to the list price of $30. 

The lowest price they've ever drop to was $22 during the Amazon Black Friday sale, but we may not see such a deal again for awhile. If you need a single AirTag, you may want to go ahead and buy it now.

Why we like Apple AirTags:

  • They seamlessly integrate with Apple's Find My network for precise tracking.
  • The battery lasts up to a year and is replaceable.
  • The Precision Finding feature utilizes the U1 chip for pinpoint accuracy.

When to buy an Apple AirTag 4-pack

Apple via Amazon

You can also purchase Apple AirTags in a pack of four. The four-pack is typically a better deal, both on sale and off sale, than buying AirTags individually.

The four-pack is currently on sale on Amazon for $89, while it lists on Apple's website for $99. This four-pack typically goes on sale for $89-$90 on Amazon, so this is a solid sale price and a good time to buy. The four-pack did drop down to $75 once around Black Friday last year, but there is no telling whether we'll see a price that low anytime soon. 

Why we like Apple AirTags 4-Pack:

  • It offers a better value than purchasing the devices individually.
  • You'll have enough trackers for all of your travel bags or important items.

Top-rated Apple AirTag accessories to consider

Now that you've scored some discounted AirTags, it's time to pick up a couple AirTag accessories to make the most of the tech. Here are some top-rated AirTag accessories, some of which are on sale at Amazon now.

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