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Pregnant Woman Rescued By Helicopter Returns To Damaged Home

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KRUM (CBSDFW.COM) - By now you've all probably seen the incredible video of a pregnant woman, with a baby, being airlifted from a flooded home in Krum. Cameras followed the woman and her family as they returned to their home Monday to see the damage firsthand.

The water has finally receded, but a line of debris in the trees shows just how high floodwaters were.

Thousands watched as rescue workers pulled Danetta Blanchard and her family, one by one, to safety into a helicopter. When they went back to their home Monday they found vehicles upside down, and in some cases far from where they left them.

"I have no way to get around. All of the vehicles on the property are totaled." Pointing to various vehicles Blanchard said, "There's my mother's out there -- with the hood popped. My sister's floated over here [and the] black pickup is upside down."

Krum house 2
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Floodwaters lifted structures off their foundations and scattered property everywhere. Inside the house, water damage took its toll on anything at ground level and left behind lots of mud and debris.

Danetta says the creek near her home has flooded before, but never this bad. Now she and her family will have to do their best to make repairs with whatever they can save. As they try to figure out how they're going to get around, their first priority is getting their home ready for their newest family member.

Some of Brittaney Blanchard's family members made it into a rescue helicopter after being lifted by harness. But a special basket had to be used for her, since not only is she seven months pregnant she was also cradling a friend's baby.

pregnant woman - baby rescue 1
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

On Monday, Brittaney looked at the damage to her home and wondered what it will take to make preparations for her new baby boy. "It's just stressful 'cause he's going to be here in two months, and everything's ruined, and the house isn't even livable," she said frustrated. "We've got to fix the sheet rock and the electricity and everything… and all his stuff got wet. I don't know what we're going to do."

Brittaney and her grandmother stayed with family overnight, but they hope to be able to stay at home as soon as possible. They know they have a lot of work ahead and a short amount of time to do it. "I'm supposed to take it easy, but at the same time we have to get it ready for him. I can't just sit around and not do anything."

The Blanchard's spent the day cleaning up the property and will be back working to turn their damaged house back into a home.

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