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Dallas County Fireworks Shop Owner Says Canceled Shows Brought Booming Sales

DALLAS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - For at least one Dallas County firework shop owner, the cancellation of many local fireworks shows is a dream.

It's been made a reality due to the COVID-19 pandemic and spike in cases in Texas.

"If I didn't have my mask on, you could see the big smile on my face right now," said John Palmer, owner of Palmer Fireworks in Dallas County.

Palmer said his team has never seen sales like this.

"It usually gets busy in the afternoon. This is something. It's been busy since the second I opened the gate at 8 o'clock this morning!"

Palmer Fireworks in Dallas County
John Palmer, owner of Palmer Fireworks in Dallas County (CBS 11)

It's a side effect of many live fireworks shows being cancelled this year.

Many North Texans are leaving their regular plans behind.

Though some firework shows are being streamed online, some customers said there is nothing like seeing the smoke for themselves.

"There's not too many firework shows this year, at least none that I know of so we are going to shoot some off at the lake," said Dallas County resident Brent Whitson.

Palmer said he feels like fireworks are giving people a chance to forget about their problems and enjoy some time with family in the Texas heat.

"People have been locked up or quarantined, however you want to word it and they're ready to get out," he said. "This is going to be either maybe the biggest consumer firework season ever in the United States. Will it ever happen again like this? I don't know."

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