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Latina Businesswoman Fueling Economy, Inspiring Other Entrepreneurs

DENVER (CBS4) – On International Women's Day, the contributions of women in society are celebrated. In Denver, that celebration included a Luncheon and discussion hosted by World Denver. The topic was Women Leading in Global Sustainability, and included guest speaker Elizabeth Nyamayaro, author, humanitarian, and UN Special Advisor.

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Top Latina Leaders and Entrepreneurs gathered for another International Women's Day event, a discussion of their experiences and challenges in the business world. Among the panelist at that event, Camilia Robles, a Denver owner of several restaurants.

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In November, Robles and her husband opened Cabrón Carbón, their third concept restaurant.

"It's to bring the authentic flavors for a Taquaeria,"Robles said.

The Taquaeria & Galeria mixes traditional Mexican food and art.

"Once you're eating, drinking, you can enjoy our galleria, even in the restrooms we have galleria," Robles explained.

Now she's working on her next passion project, an upscale dining experience called Camelia.

"We are working on a concept where we can bring modern Mexican cuisine, craft cocktails, and we can bring it to your table," she said.

Robles is proud to be an economic driver so others can see their dreams come true.

"My dream is to make more employments, to get people employed," she said.

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She said that the pandemic and work shortages have tested every business, but being a Latina restaurant owner has presented its own challenges.

"We don't know. We just have the dream, and we keep working, so it has been really helpful to have like resources from the City and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce," Robles told CBS4.

Now she's serving as a role model to other Latinas letting them know they can achieve success too.

"We need to take the leadership on ourselves, and we just need to teach other people and work on the journey."

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