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Witness helps woman wounded by police in Denver LoDo shooting

Witness helps woman wounded by police in Denver LoDo shooting
Witness helps woman wounded by police in Denver LoDo shooting 02:46

Chaos is how witnesses described 20th Street and Larimer Street early Sunday morning as shots rang out and crowds of people poured into the streets.

"You hear like six or seven rounds fired off; everyone is running scared for their life," Aubriana Banks said.

Banks was out with friends and had stopped to grab something to eat when she heard the gunfire. She immediately feared the worst and ran only to find herself caring for a young woman who had been shot in the back of the arm.

"Before we were able to get help, I had put my hand in her bullet wound," Banks recalled.

While she held the wound, other bystanders turned a shirt into a tourniquet, and together, they worked to keep the young woman calm.

"We just kept telling her you know like it's going to be OK," Banks said. "We kept having her repeat her name back to us so she would stay conscious."


While an investigation into exactly what happened is underway, a police report details the officer's initial account. According to the report, during a fight, they saw a man — now identified as Jordan Waddy — lift his hoody as though he was reaching for a gun  before hearing another officer says he saw the suspect then point a firearm in their direction. That officere reports hearing four to six gunshots before seeing Waddy fall to the ground.

In addition to the suspect, those shots injured two other men and three women.

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"Is this shrapnel? Is it debris? Is it direct fire? Is it indirect fire? We want to certainly take a look at all of those," Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said.

Banks says she's still in shock about what she experienced but is also concerned about how police responded.

"It's just hard to wrap my head around that," Banks said. "It wasn't civilians shooting. It was the police, so it just doesn't sit right."

Denver Police Chief Pazen says it will take a few days to complete the investigation, and they plan to release more information on Wednesday.

Investigators with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Colorado State Patrol as well as the District Attorney's office are all assisting with oversight from the Independent Monitor as well. 

The three officers involved are currently on paid leave, which is standard protocol during the investigation. 

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